Message from the president

  Thank you for visiting the website of Daejeon University.

Daejeon University was founded in 1980 as a noble cause of the late lamented Jisan Dalgyu Lim for the sole purpose of education. Daejeon University is a top rated private school with an unprecedented rate of progress.

The university has achieved substantial improvement in its short history. The founder, Jisan, devoted himself and made significant endeavors towards education. The chairmen of the board have shown extraordinary administrative abilities. In addition, keen support of the administrative staff and the students' enthusiasm for learning have been fundamental and steadfast elements in producing a prestigious learning institution as well as exceeding individual expectations.

In the beginning, Daejeon University started with only 5 departments and 260 students. Since that time, the university has developed into an excellent school with five colleges, 13 divisions, 5 departments, 35 majors, graduate school programs, and 11,000 students.

The university has also educated an enormous number of people, providing the wisdom and confidence to spread their wings and succeed in today's society. As a result, the university has obtained a high reputation through the efforts of illustrious alumni in a number of professional fields. In sports, Youngho Kim won the gold medal in the Sydney Olympics for fencing and unprecedently, Jinsun Kim was the first citizen from Chungnam Province to pass the state law examination as a private school graduate. Daejeon University has displayed its scholastic abilities nationwide, proving its tremendous potential to become a prestigious private school.

Even more important is that the university is not satisfied with the surprising progress which has already been made but is now working to materialize a challenging new vision for the future. We are ready to make a leap forward to make the school an arena in which people can apply their passions to make their dreams come true.

Therefore, the leaders of the university would like all members to have futuristic ways of thinking and the school itself to establish a characteristic paradigm for research and education. We should all use our creativity and passion as much as possible to put this plan into practice.

Additionally, while avoiding the problem of educating people using stereotyped educational policies with which the country has been struggling for so long without solutions, we will do our best to foster useful people to whom society really looks up to for their acceptance of individuals and their differences.

Daejeon University will continue to move towards the goal of becoming a prestigious university in the 21st century. As a representative, I expect your favorable consideration and support for my university.


The president of Daejeon University